Lyme Disease Consultation

Who will benefit from a session with Jan?

- Anyone who has been diagnosed with Lyme and is not responding to conventional treatment

- Anyone who is experiencing Lyme symptoms and has not been diagnosed (symptoms include but not limited to: extreme fatigues, headaches, brain fog and memory issues, flu-like symptoms)

What will the sessions look like?

Initial consultation: 1-1 1/2 hours
- Discussion of your symptoms and what has been done to alleviate them (include current health concerns)

- Fill out Lyme questionnaire

- Zyto bio feedback scan

- Brief over view of protocols that might be appropriate based on questionnaire and Zyto scan, including costs involved and how the protocols work

After the initial consultation, Jan will formulate a wellness plan based on the consultation results.

**Jan will not diagnose or prescribe, but advise and support**

35 minute appointment to discuss the wellness plan is included in the initial consultation fee.

What comes next?

Jan will be your support throughout your journey to wellness and will be available for questions and concerns as you progress through a sometimes difficult process.

Costs:  initial consultation fee: $200, includes 1-1 1/2 hour consultation, Zyto scan. 
35 minute follow up to discuss personalized wellness plan (does not include price of recommended remedies or supplements)

*******REDUCED RATE if booked by May 31, 2022:   $150 for consultation, Zyto scan and personalized wellness plan follow up(does not include price for recommended remedies or supplements)******