Ear Candler

Jourdan Skrtic-Moore

I am a certified Reflexologist and Ear Candler who focuses on the balance and well-being of my clients using a natural and individualized approach. I use Reflexology on individuals who have constant tension or pain in the body, digestive issues, migraines, anxiety or depression, plantar fasciitis, joint pain and more. It is a relaxing and effective modality to rid the body of toxins and blockages that cause inflammation and imbalances.
Ear Candling benefits people who struggle with allergies, migraines, hearing, taste, swimmers’ ear, ringing, colds, sinus issues or just a wax build up in general. It is a non-invasive approach to clearing the ear canal of debris and relieving pressure on the sinus’.  
I look forward to connecting with you and being part of your wellness journey.