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Jourdan Moore

Reflexologist & Ear Candler

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Jamie Reinbold

Thai Yoga Massage Therapist

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Jourdan Skrtic

I am a certified Health Coach, Reflexologist, and Ear Candler who focuses on the balance and well-being of my clients using a natural and individualized approach.

I was born and raised in Eau Claire and moved to Milwaukee after high school to attend school at UW-Milwaukee. There I met the yin to my yang, Kevin, and our dog, Kai. On week nights and weekends you can find us doing anything outdoors, and we specifically love kayaking, playing tennis, golf, hiking and four wheeling. My family is my rock and the most important part of my life. On most occasions, I'm chasing around one of my five nephews; which is perfectly fine with me!

I look forward to connecting with you and being part of your wellness journey!


My Story

Jourdan graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2014 and specializes in the education and guidance of individuals looking to make lifestyle changes. These changes are aimed at improving nutritional and dietary habits, physical ability, and a greater balance in overall health and wellness. Jourdan works closely and individually with each client in order to discover their relationships with food based on habits and personal preferences. Throughout this process she will help each client achieve a deeper knowledge of how food can greatly benefit ones' personal health journey.
In an effort to continue her wellness education, Jourdan became certified in Reflexology through the Universal College of Reflexology in 2016 and focuses on the 7,200 reflexes in the feet in order to reduce bodily stress and irregularities. As well as health coaching and reflexology, she is also trained in ear candling. Included in the  ear candling sessions is a head massage and aromatherapy in order to create a relaxing and zen-like atmosphere. 
After relocating to the twin cities area, Jourdan opened a beautiful Wellness Office in Waconia hoping to create a relaxing space and offer her services to the community.